Hymn on the Qur'ān

The following song on the Qur'ān and its excellence is a du'ā that is found in Shaykh Dr. Thayka Shu'ayb Alim's book al-Munjiyāt. He mentions that it is sung, according to the customs of South India, at Qur'ān gatherings where people gather to recite the Qur'ān, parts of it or all of it. He has not mentioned the name of the poet. I have only reproduced here a part of that song which is longer. Translation mine. It is in the same metre as the Burdah, known as al-Kāmil.

صلوة و تسليم و أزكى تحية / على المصطفى الهادي البرايا محمد

Blessings, Peace and sincerest greetings be upon Muhammad the chosen guide of all of creation

بعوذٍ و بسمٍ أقرَءَنْ ببداية / قراءةَ قرآنٍ لغير براءة

I commence the recitation of the Qur’ān with ‘Aūdhu billāh and Bismillāh at the beginning for I am not immune from Shaytan and from beginning with Allah’s blessed name

كلامٌ قديمٌ لا يُمَلُّ سماعُهُ / جميعُ علومٍ فيه انوارُ حكمة

It is the Divine speech that is beyond time and listening to it will not cause fatigue or boredom; In it is contained the totality of all knowledges and the lights of wisdom

و آياته كلماته و حروفه / تنزّه عن قول و فعل و نية

It’s verses, words and letters are not dependent on our recitation, actions or intentions

به اَشتفي من كل داء و نوره / مُزيلُ ظلام القبر اُنسٌ لِوحشة

With it I am healed from every illness and its light removes the darkness of the grave and becomes an intimate companion against loneliness

تعالى عن الإدراك لا شك ضوءُه / دليلٌ لقلبي عند جهلي و حَيرتي

Its meanings cannot be exhausted and there is no doubt that its resplendent light is the proof for my heart whenever I am overcome by ignorance and confusion

فيا رب فرِّحني بسر حروفه / بتوسيع اَرزاقي و تنفيسِ كُربتي

O my Lord make me happy by expanding my sustenance and relieving me of all my troubles by the secret of its letters

توسلتُ يا ربي اليك بجاهه / و نوِّر به قلبي و سمعي و مُقلتي

I beseech your help O my Lord by the rank of the Qur’ān; Grant me your light by the Qur’ān and place it in my heart, in my hearing and my very eyes

و سهِّل علي حفظَه ثم درسَه / لساني به عمِّر و طهِّر سريرتي

Make it easy for me its memorisation and then its study too; With it keep my tongue busy and with it purify my secret thoughts

اَذِقْ حبَّه قلبَ العُبيد و نفسَه / بجاه النبِيْ و الآل ثم الصحابة

Make this little servant of yours taste the love of the Qur’ān in his heart and his self by the rank of the Prophet and his family and also his companions

الى الخير وفِّق كل قارٍ و ناظر / و سُمَّاعِه حبًا بحسن الختامة

Help O lord every reciter of the Qur’ān and everyone who looks at it and all those who listen to it with love, and grant them a beautiful end in the life of this world

فصل و سلم كلَّ وقت و بارِكنْ / على المصطفى المحمودِ في كل خَصلة

Send salwāt, salām and barakah at every moment, on the specially chosen one, he whose rank and praise you have raised high in every trait

و آل و أصحاب دواما و تُبَّع / و تُبَّعِ تُبَّاعٍ ليوم القيامة

And on his family and companions, perpetually, as well as those who followed the companions, and those who followed them and will follow them all, until the Day of Qiyāmah