Social Media

Social Media
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Clothes worn
Not to cover
But to reveal
What is covered

Where only windows are open
  for the community
But the door, only for society
When the community enters,
  it is ignored at best
     if not visited with hostility
But society, always welcome,
Is treated with hospitality

The Counsellor presiding over all
Whose function is to encourage
the voicing of the social individual

The best achievement
By social engineers
In regimentalisation

Mass media for the mass man
Where everything is determined
By the language of numbers

A piece of rag
Used to wipe clean
Certain rogue regimes
And then dumped
Into the recycle bin
To be patched up
For a new program
Of social adaptation

The cerebralisation
Of a naked social life
A landfill of minds

A marketplace of nudity
If I were to participate
I must undress
If I were to merely observe
I must bear with nudity