The Great Journey

As-Sab’ut Tiwāl has three doors

Locked with Alif Lām Mīm

The third screened with a shining sād

Where the Taurāh ends

There begins the Zabūr

With six doors secured

With Alif Lām Rā

The fourth with a concealed Mīm

The inspired Bee takes us through

its homes in the mountains and trees

where the water now begins to taste of honey

We arrive at

My early (five) possessions

It has two doors bolted

with Kāf Hā Yā ‘Ain Sād and Tā Hā

Then a lightning journey around

The Bait al-‘Ateeq and al-Bait al-Ma’mūr

Before Furqān, Mu’minūn and Nūr

Light upon Light

Enter one after another

The three doors latched

with the blazing locks of the Tawāsīn

The first and third with a veiled Mīm

And the four doors riveted with Alif Lām Mīm

Pass the city of Madīnah and Saba’

Who had ten sons

A breeze from the wings of the angels

Takes us into the heart

Through the effulgent door guarded with Yā Sīn

Where the wine starts to taste

The breathing increases

More angels in rows

And through the door protected with Sād

There where the Jasad is seen

sitting on the throne

Another breeze from the prayer of the angels

Intervene to lift us through

The seven majestic valleys with seven doors

Locked with the Hawāmīm – where the intoxication kicks in –

The third fortified with the gates of ‘Ain Sīn Qāf

Enter now the three gardens of

Muhammad sallallāhu wlayhi wa sallam

The door secured with Qāf

Closes on the Zabūr

And opens out towards the destination

The Mufassal/The Nāfilah/The Muhkam

In it one last door protected with Nūn

The Fātihah in place of the Injīl

Revealed there below the ‘Arsh

And then back to the First Seven


Divide it into three

As-Sab’ut Tiwāl – The Taurāh

Al-Mi-ūn – The Zabūr

Al-Mufassal – Specially for the Messenger

As for the Fātihah it is the oft-repeated Injīl


Divide it into two

Muhkamāt and Mutashābihāt

Tafseer and Ta’weel

The positive and the negative

And between the two

Light, constantly passing

Like, current and lightning