This is Israel's War in Gazza, Not Genocide

The year 2023 ended with bitter and turbulent emotions that erupted in early October when Israel announced her casus belli and commenced a war against an incomparably weak enemy and an innocent and unarmed civilian population. At the very beginning of this war, the world witnessed that Israel was ready to defy all public opinion around the world, defy the United Nations General Assembly and if necessary, the Security Council too. If a resolution at the UNSC had been passed without any hindrance of the veto, Israel would have defied that too. That is the aggressive stance Israel has taken at the UN. With the irreversible decline of the US and world attention turning to the Levant, Israel is taking full control over the region. 

The tides seem to have turned from America to Israel. Several states around the world today dare to oppose American policies but no state dares to oppose Israel’s policies in the region. 

Israel is not merely committing genocide; Israel is waging war. Not all war is genocide, but all genocide is war. The creation of a conflict zone in Israeli territory and the political discourse that was born out of it was always necessary so that Israel could manufacture the casus belli at any appropriate time. Hamas was defeated the day the war commenced, and yet the war continues because Israel is yet to achieve her political objectives. Eliminating Hamas and the conflict once and for all is therefore not Israel’s only political objective. Those who see genocide or the conflict alone, do not see Israel’s war. Clausewitz’s definition of war is that it is a mere continuation of policy with other means. Israel set out to achieve a set of political objectives. The Mediterranean Dialogue and the Abraham Accords, for examples, were part of those objectives. This war is a continuation of that policy. In short, Israel’s objective is not to exterminate the Palestinian Arabs, but to rule the Levant. If you control Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East (the Levant being the heart of the Middle East), you control the world.  

Halford Mackinder, considered the father of Geopolitics, identified the heartland of the world to be essentially Russia. At the peak of his life, he laid the foundation for the geopolitics of the West in their pig-headed effort to rule the world:

Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; Who rules the heartland commands the World Island; Who rules the World Island commands the World. 

If it was a mere theory, the Soviet Union should have ruled the World Island, because by the end of the Second World War, the Russians had almost full control of the heartland and eastern Europe, yet they could not and did not rule the world. The reality was, Mackinder had set the foundation for the strategy of Anglo-American domination of the world. Nicholas Spykman, professor of International Relations at Yale, slightly altered that Anglo-American foreign policy for Eurasia and Africa. Though he too confirmed Russia to be the heartland, pointed out that it was the Rimland that is more important to have control over, rather than the heartland itself. The core of the Rimland was Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At the centre of the Middle East is the Levant, in other words, that very Israel the Anglo-American alliance had carefully and persistently created as a homeland for the Jews. It was not the homeland that they said it was for a people without a home. In truth, it was the heartland for those who wanted to rule Eurasia and Africa that Mackinder called the World Island. 

After Spykman’s influence on American leaders, it was not hidden anymore that the heartland was not Russia but Eastern Europe and the Levant. The reason why they called Russia the heartland could possibly be that it was from Russia that they anticipated the greatest threat to their world supremacy. 

Brzezinski, formal national security advisor to Carter and later informal advisor to Obama, confirmed the joint geopolitical theories of Alfred T. Mahan (President of the Naval War College, historian, and friend of Roosevelt), Halford Mackinder and Nicholas Spykman, in his book, The Grand Chessboard. He wrote that the last amongst “the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy” for domination over Eurasia and Africa was “to keep the barbarians from coming together.” The barbarians according to him were mainly Russia, China and the Muslim world.  

The Muslim world in the context of the heartland theory stretches across the south of Russia, through the Middle East and across North Africa. The geography of the Muslim world, the entire region of interest to dominate the World Island, is punctuated by chokepoints: Gibraltar, Suez Canal, Bosporus, Bab al-Mandab, and the Straits of Malacca. In the centre of it all lies the Levant. There’s the rub!      

It is not without strategic significance that Allah, Most High, chose the Levant to be the blessed land for all of mankind.  

Allah, Most High, had laid down the most important rule for those who wanted to command that heartland. In Surah al-Anbiyā we find: 

وَلَقَدْ كَتَبْنَا فِي الزَّبُورِ مِنْ بَعْدِ الذِّكْرِ أَنَّ الْأَرْضَ يَرِثُهَا عِبَادِيَ الصَّالِحُونَ

“We laid down the law in the Psalms after the Reminder (Taurāh) that the (Holy) land will be inherited by my servants of righteous conduct.” 

Explaining the word ‘ard’ (earth or land) here to refer to the Holy Land is consistent with the opening passage of Surah al-Israa and other verses of the Qur’ān. The use of the word ‘land’ in the Qur’ān does not always mean any land on earth but sometimes refers specifically to the blessed land of the Levant. Here in this verse this must be a land that is mentioned in the Taurāh and the Psalms and it must be a law laid down for the people of these two Scriptures. In the opening passage of Surah al-Israa, it is mentioned that Banū Isrā’īl will commit fasād in the land twice and they were expelled from that land twice due to their violation of that specific Divine condition of righteous conduct mentioned in the verse of Surah al-Anbiyā above. The Qur’ān explains the Qur’ān. If we depart from this explanation, then we may confuse, either intentionally or inadvertently, the well-arranged system of meaning concerning the subject of the Holy Land in the Qur’ān. 

They have touched the Levant, seeking to dominate the World Island, and by that, violating the Divine law of the Levant, revealed in the Taurāh, the Zabūr and the Qur’ān; they have defied and continue to challenge Allah Almighty Himself.  

Britain had to rule the world from off the coast of Europe through the creation of imperial colonies and the state of Israel in the Levant, America could not replace Britain and continue ruling the world from the other side of the Atlantic without the UN, NATO, IMF and other such organisations as well as nurturing Israel and building her might in the Levant. Today however, with the irreversible decline of American hegemony, Israel seems to be the only power suited to carry on from where the US has left off. Both Britain and America had to rule the Levant by proxy, but Israel need not do that. It is situated right in the centre. In continuation of that joint geopolitical theories from Mahan to Brzezinski, the strategic location of Israel is itself her vital strength to rule the region. Besides, Israel is the only nuclear power in the region with the most sophisticated military capacity. The only two things left for Israel to accomplish now is to become an energy superpower and the financial capital of the world. That is not difficult at all for Israel to accomplish. 

Pax Britannica saw the wealth and resources of the world flow to the financial elite in London. Pax Americana saw the wealth of the world flow to the financial elite in Washington. The Zionist banking elite and oligarchs were behind both Britain and America. It is now not complicated for them to transfer the flow of wealth from Washington to Jerusalem when the right moment arrives. The oil and gas reserves of the Middle East will facilitate that transfer.  

We cannot forget that one of Israel’s political objectives is to expand her territory from the river Nile to the river Euphrates. The collective West is already assisting Israel to achieve that. About 35% of Syria today, mostly in the north but also the Golan Heights and al-Tanf in the south are under the control of Western forces and those allied to them from the Syrian opposition factions. The Kurdistan region covering southeast Turkey, northern Iraq and northern Syria, is mostly a non-Arab historical friend of Israel. The lands that are now standing in Israel’s way are Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and western Iraq. However, they are not enemies but friends. Syria and Iran are the only real enemies of Israel in the region but the biblical Greater Israel does not encompass Syria and Iran, so Israel will not attempt to expand her territory to cover Syria and reach Iran. Kurdistan is there as a buffer against Iran. Israel has only been progressing consistently in preparing the grounds to achieve that biblical Greater Israel.  

When the Zionist government of Israel speaks today of the necessity to make the entire Judea and Samaria their own Greater Israel encompassing only Gazza and the West Bank, of course they are lying. Their Greater Israel is supposed to extend till the Nile in the west encompassing the Sinai and extend till the Euphrates in the east encompassing eastern Iraq. We are unable to avoid reading the political objectives of the war in Gazza today as a preparation to arrive at that biblical Greater Israel.  

Until it is understood that this is war and not merely genocide, Israel’s political objectives will remain hidden and there cannot be any adequate and appropriate response to this aggression. It is now imperative to introduce a discourse beyond the mainstream media narrative of ‘genocide’ and ‘collective punishment’. The world must recognize – at least the Muslim world and the Russo-Chinese alliance – in the words of Brzezinski, “the barbarians”, that Israel commenced, on the 7th of October, not a genocide or collective punishment against the Palestinians, but a war to conquer, once and for all, the Levant firstly and by extension prepare the grounds to conquer Sinai in the West and grow eastwards to reach the Euphrates. It is not quite the gas resources of Gazza or the Ben Gurion canal as some short-sighted geopolitical analysts argue; it is a political and religious quest that Zionist Israel has been consistently pursuing. This war too is nothing but a continuation of that policy with other means.  

The pattern that emerges from events in political history is consistent with that quest.  

Robespierre’s bedside bible was Rousseau; Lenin’s bedside bible was Clausewitz. The truth about Democracy and Communism being two sides of the same coin came to light when Lenin erected a statue for Robespierre. It is important to note that Lenin was the first to apply the Marxist revolution. He studied war and the success of his revolution was thanks to the ruthless tactics of Trotsky. Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky descended from Jewish ancestry. The French and the Russian revolutions were both bloody and their defence was even bloodier. As AJP Taylor pointed out that modern history correctly begins with the French Revolution, the same pattern emerged in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. From the French revolution till the fall of the Berlin wall, Israel was a silent and almost hidden beneficiary. Israel today – and Greater Israel tomorrow – is the fruit of a Judeo-Christian political alliance, whose seed was planted as early as the Great Schism, and the Crusades that began immediately afterwards. As an important parallel to that, the Russian Orthodox Christian civilisation had always been looked upon by that Judeo-Christian alliance as a barbaric enemy. 

The storyline also runs along a separate track. Napoleon spoke the same British imperial Crusader language, ferociously so, of the necessity to bring the Jews back to the Holy Land. The final stages of the Crusades began with Napoleon’s military campaigns and ended with Mustafa Kemal’s coup d’etat against Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1909, eight years before the Balfour Declaration. Without Kemal’s coup, the Balfour Declaration would not have been possible. Kemal’s coup is more important than the Balfour Declaration.  

From Robespierre to Kemal, and Rousseau to the Young Turks, it is therefore only evident that kufr is one millah as our Noble Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said. That millah is this Judeo-Christian alliance that we here speak of, not without its friends of course. 

We are compelled to state here that the Cold War was not a confrontation between the Democratic West and a Communist bloc led by Russia as mainstream political history would have us believe. Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were part of that millah of kufr. In reality, the Cold War was simply a different manifestation of The Great Game, as the British called it, against Tsarist Russia. That attempt to defeat Russia carries on today despite the end of the Cold War. The demonisation of Putin’s Russia is not a new Cold War. To understand the West, one has to subtract Russia from the equation. Russia has never been part of the West. Neither Byzantium after Diocletian nor Russia after the Great Schism belonged to the West. If Lenin had not succeeded, the war against Russia after the Second World War would have carried on with another language.  

How is the Cold War against the USSR connected to Israel’s political objectives? It is not by accident that the last mass migration of Jews to the Holy Land occurred from Russia after which Communist Russia receded into the unknown. 750,000 Jews resident in Russia migrated to the Holy Land between 1988 to 1996, forty years after the state of Israel was established. It was as though the Judeo-Christian alliance had one more objective to achieve even after the state of Israel was founded, and that was, to bring the Russian Jews to Israel. When that finally commenced in 1988, it became clear that there was no need for a Communist Russia to continue existing. The eschatological reality of Communist Russia therefore was to facilitate the return of the Jews to the Holy Land as the last wave of mass migration to Israel proved. 

Communist Russia after the Second World War in the long history of the Western attempt to subdue Russia and her civilisation is only an anomaly. 

Now it should be clear that Israel’s war is not disconnected from Ukraine’s war. The defeat of the West in Ukraine and previously their loss in Syria are signs that the West and Israel are not all powerful. The entire effort to control the world, even today, is focused on two regions of the world – Eastern Europe and the Levant – the former to contain Russia and the latter to rule the Middle East. Mackinder’s heartland theory continues to resonate today from the two wars in eastern Ukraine and Gazza.  

Israel’s policy is a continuation of Britain’s and America’s policy. It is a two-pronged strategy. To force Russia by means of containment to accede to their policies, and to take control of the Levant. Pax Britannica had to do this from off the coast of Europe and America from the other side of the Atlantic. As for Israel, it is situated right in the centre of the Levant. Israel is the most suited nation state in the world to carry on Britain’s and America’s legacy. In fact, Israel is the culmination of a Judeo-Christian Gog and Magog world order.   

Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi wrote in his Internet article, Israel’s Problem:

“Pax Americana established three new institutions to herald the post-war evaluation. One, the foundation in New York of a United Nations Organisation with a built-in non-democratic veto assuring control. Two, the Bretton Woods Agreement outlining a new dollar controlled world economy. Three, the foundation of the state of Israel.” [Emphasis mine] 

The United Nations Organisation, with all its tentacles, has today become irrelevant. Within three decades, the Bretton Woods Agreement led to the establishment of the petrodollar and petrodollar recycling which has now become almost irrelevant. However, Israel, Pax Americana’s third institution, continues to stand as the last remaining stronghold. It grows stronger with this war. 

There is a continuum here. Observant readers of history cannot miss the pattern that the Jews were brought back to the Holy Land 2000 years after they were expelled and the state of Israel was established and has now only emerged stronger, poised to take control over the Levant, the heartland of the world. Pax Britannica had a special interest in Israel, and Pax Americana continued to defend the same special interest in Israel. 

We return again and again to the two defining verses in the Qur’ān that describe this Anglo-American-Israeli world order. Allah, Most High, announced in Surah al-Anbiyā:

وَحَرَامٌ عَلَىٰ قَرْيَةٍ أَهْلَكْنَاهَا أَنَّهُمْ لَا يَرْجِعُونَ

حَتَّىٰ إِذَا فُتِحَتْ يَأْجُوجُ وَمَأْجُوجُ وَهُمْ مِنْ كُلِّ حَدَبٍ يَنْسِلُونَ

 "There is a town (whose people) we destroyed (and expelled) so that they shall not return (to reclaim as their own that very town they once dwelled in and had control over),

Until Gog and Magog are released, and (at that time) they (Gog and Magog) will descend (into the Holy Land) from every height or swarm (towards the Holy Land) from all directions."  

There is no town on earth whose people were destroyed and expelled and which is directly linked to Gog and Magog except Jerusalem. There is no town on earth mentioned in the Qur'ān and the hadīth which is directly connected to Gog and Magog except Jerusalem. There is no people on earth except the Jews, who were expelled from their town and who then returned later to reclaim that town as their own with the help of a people who are not related to them except through the belief that they have the God-given right to rule the world. 

These two verses of the Qur’ān cannot be but muhkamah. It is necessary to identify the town and its people. That alone will help us identify Gog and Magog in history as well as in the present. The essential question here is, who brought the Jews back to the Holy Land and protected them? The answer to that question is written all over political history. It was a Judeo-Christian alliance led first by Britain and then by America. In modern political terminology, it is the West. In the terminology of Islamic eschatology, it is Gog and Magog.   

We must now open a new chapter in history. There are two reasons for doing so. Firstly, the irreversible decline of Pax Americana, and secondly, Israel’s war in Gazza continuing with new vigour to achieve success in the political objectives of that war. Israel is now emerging as a new regional power defiant of everything that was established by America after World War II. Pax Britannica led to Pax Americana. Pax Americana, it is becoming more and more evident, not only by the patterns in political history, but more importantly by the destiny of Jerusalem in Islamic eschatology, could only lead to Pax Judaica.  

If there is to be no such thing as a Pax Judaica, there will arise several questions that cannot be answered. Why must Gog and Magog bring the Jews back to the Holy Land 2000 years after the Jews were expelled for violating the Divine condition of righteous conduct? How will Dajjal impersonate the Messiah and rule the world? Why will the true Messiah, the son of Mary, alayhimassalam, descend in the blessed land and from where will he rule the world after killing Dajjal the false Messiah? How will he be a just ruler after Allah Most High destroys Gog and Magog? Why has a Judeo-Christian alliance led by Britain and America been consistently successful in bringing the Jews back to the Holy Land, establishing a powerful state of Israel that is in turn achieving her political objectives by means of this latest war in Gazza? The Qur’ān says clearly in Surah an-Nahl that it explains all things – تبيانا لكل شيء – and yet why is there no explanation from the Qur’ān for all the major political events in at least the last three hundred years outlined above? Why has little Israel emerged as a powerful nuclear state and has consistently been the beneficiary of the kafir millah? Why is an oppressed Arab population, the progeny of Nabi Ismail alayhissalam, unable to respond to the slaughter visited upon them while their sheer number should have given them the power to walk over tiny Israel? 

Allah, Most High, warned such Jews who would return to their oppression: 

و إن عدتم عدنا 

 If you return to your evil deeds, I will return to My punishment. 

When and how will that Divine destruction of the Jewish oppressor state of Israel occur for the third time in history? What is the explanation for all the numerous ahadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concerning the powerful rule of Dajjal? Where will he conduct his rule from if it is not from Jerusalem? 

On the other hand, it is only with a Pax Judaica replacing a Pax Americana that all of the above and of many more such questions will consolidate to form a system of meaning based on several verses of the Qur’ān and ahadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.  

We hope it is now clear that the war today in Gazza cannot be called a genocide and that Israel is the only beneficiary of this war, in terms of achieving her political objectives, no matter how much an armed struggle against the oppressor state of Israel is justified and no matter how much world public opinion is turning against Israel. 

Yes, nothing under the sun can stop a Pax Judaica from emerging, but at the same time, nothing in all of Allah's creation can stop the Divine punishment that will descend upon them for their arrogant and oppressive conduct.

He said, subhanahu wa ta'ālā:

و أملي لهم إن كيدي متين

"I will grant them respite; Surely My terrible decree that they will be punished for their crimes is unbreakably strong."