Through Science and Philosophy to Religion

Through Science and Philosophy to Religion

By the end of 2020, in case there was a man on Earth gullible enough not to know anything about a direct existing relationship between science and law, it became clear as crystal that it was the court of law that was in charge of every nation’s affairs and not the temple of science. Scientists had fallen prostrate before Themis and the temples of science had to be temporarily locked up if not closed down. When Galileo was persecuted and finally forced to sign a declaration that the Earth was immovably fixed, he was heard murmuring under his breath, “E pur se muove – And yet it moves.” Similarly, only a handful of our scientists have the courage to declare the truth about germ theories being theories and machines being machines, while the rest can only murmur under their breaths while obeying the orders of Themis.

The cat was finally out of the bag. It does not matter what science says, if Themis, while blindfolded, wants to write science as she wishes, she would have no less than what she wills. All the Uncle Toms amongst the scientists may add more to her will, but there should be none to declare anything lesser. The cat that jumped out of the bag, surprised many that it is law that sits in judgment over science and not vice versa. Adding salt to the wound, the very fact that each legislation came into effect at the very beginning of each financial quarter of the year, let slip another secret in public. Everyone heard it but everyone till now has chosen to remain silent. The secret that slipped was, Themis in fact prostrated before Plutus. Thus did the financial elite become scientists overnight baptised by the political leadership.

If there is a book, that is by far the most important book to read after having gone through the dramatic inauguration of a new Covid World Order, it is Maulana Dr. Fazlur Rahman Ansari’s “Through Science and Philosophy to Religion.” It is in fact more than a Covid World Order, it is the very announcement that The Fourth Industrial Revolution that has been brayed about since the 1980s has commenced. It is now finally here. A virus was the perfect excuse – simply because no one can see it – to initiate everything that is necessary to finally just get the Fourth Industrial Revolution to roll out and roll against the populations of the world. Everything that was discussed inside closed doors, now was imposed in public.

2020 was the year when religion too prostrated, not before God but before science. All religious leaders raised their hands up to heaven beseeching God to take away from the Earth what is known in Arabic as wabā and tā’ūn. It does not seem that they know what wabā and tā’ūn are since they do not see anything and yet cry for what they do not see to be lifted from the Earth.

God asked them, “What do you want me to remove from the Earth?”

They replied, “That which we believe is passing from one person to another.”

God said, “Where? I do not see it.”

They said, “Neither do we see You!”

That is the state of affairs amongst the religions. Nobody sees it, even God.

2020 was the year when scientists proved that they were also doing all the dirty work of the mathematicians. The laws of probability …

The imperative was: religion must submit to science, science to law and law to finance. No wonder all the balance sheets of the central banks reflected a sharp increase in their assets. Never in the history of banking has such an increase occurred.

When religion submits to science, then know that science is in fact nothing more than a faith itself. The proof is in the pudding, or, the devil is in the details. Both were proven to be correct in the year 2020. The more why’s and how’s were asked, the more the scientists invoked faith. That is when the world saw Science wearing the garb of Faith. Religion had fallen prostrate before Science.

The key now is in Maulana Dr. Fazlur Rahman Ansari’s book “Through Science and Philosophy to Religion.” Until one reads it, and it should not take more than one day to read that terse booklet, one will not be aware that all religion and science have now fallen prostrate before law. Until one recognises that Science and Philosophy do not possess the capacity to arrive at Truth – in fact, have never possessed the capacity to arrive at Truth – one will continue to, in Goethe’s words, trust Math over the sensations of the eye, that is, trust apparatus science to be superior to the senses and the intellectual capacity of its very own creator – Man.

What the eminent Maulana Ansari has done in this short work is peel the onions of Science and Philosophy until nothing remains at their core. If one is a white onion and the other is red, colour does not matter, they peel down to nothing at the end. He could do this most important act because he was himself a scientist, a homeopath and a professor in philosophy.

Science, Philosophy and Revealed Religion are all faiths. The question is: Through which of these three faiths can one arrive at Truth?

This booklet is now part of his magnum opus, “The Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society, Volume 1”. It is available for free download on the Internet here.

In this edition, the booklet that was previously published under the abovementioned title has been renamed as “Part 2 – The Necessity of Divine Revelation”, pages 48-73.

The Green Review considers it to be the most fundamentally important work that defines the global events of the year 2020.